February 29, 2024

Miso Instant Ramen

Get ready, we are about to glow up that 50 cent instant ramen packet.

If you’re like me, you gave up on those cheap ramen packets a long time ago. After years of eating them because they were cheap and convenient, you realized they weren’t all that good. You probably no longer need them to survive (ah, the good old college days). Well, go out and buy one, because this miso instant ramen hack will make you fall in love with that cheap packet of noodles. With just three, optional four, ingredients, this instant ramen miso recipe transforms a poorly tasting soup into a velvety, luscious, and desirable quick and easy lunch or dinner.

up close miso instant ramen with a jammy egg


Have you ever had a really good tonkotsu ramen, where the broth is thick and velvety and almost coats the inside of your mouth? Well, this is a homemade chicken version that gives a similar effect. The broth is velvety, almost luscious, thanks to bone broth, and the flavor is packed with umami due to adding a good amount of miso. This ‘recipe’ transforms the average 50-cent ramen package into a lovely lunch or easy dinner. Despite the addition of a handful of extra ingredients to the cheap instant ramen, it still maintains quick and easy.

pulling noodles with chopsticks from the ramen bowl



  • Instant Ramen –As stated in the title of this post, you need instant ramen. I am not talking about the good kind, you know Shin or even Sapporo Ichiban; I am talking about the 50-cent instant ramen packet that many of us relied on during college. Alternatively, you can also buy a large pack of instant ramen noodles if you have access to an Asian specialty supermarket.
  • Chicken Bone Broth – Bone broth is absolutely necessary and unfortunately cannot be substituted for regular chicken broth. This recipe calls for bone broth not only for its flavor but also for its texture. Bone broth has a much thicker texture than regular broth or stock, providing a viscosity similar to that found in restaurant-quality ramen. Use plain, unseasoned chicken bone broth.
  • Miso – This recipe calls for white (mild and sweet) or yellow miso (mild and earthy). Opting for red miso or darker varieties (the darker the color, the more intense the flavor) would be too overpowering for this quick and easy soup. I love using dashi miso for 80% of my dishes; this variety of miso adds an extra layer of umami with the addition of bonito. Check out the one I use HERE.
  • Ichimi Togarashi – Optional ingredient if you want to add heat to the dish.


  • Eggs – I like adding an egg or two not only for a small hit of protein but also because when the egg yolk starts to mix with the miso and bone broth, something magical happens. For a runny ramen egg, boil it on medium heat for 7 minutes. Once done, drop the egg in an ice bath to cool down and aid in peeling. Don’t peel the egg immediately; on the other hand, don’t wait too long either. Peel it between 3-5 minutes of cooling down.
  • Quick Cook Vegetables – We’re talking spinach, bok choy, cabbage, and bean sprouts. They are great additions to add some nutrients to this miso instant ramen. Since these ingredients don’t require much cooking at all, add them 1 minute before you remove the ramen from the stove.
  • Longer Cook Vegetables – Broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, and shredded carrots are great additions to add more body to the soup as well as nutrients. These vegetables need more time to cook, so add them as soon as you start heating the broth. Add the noodles when these vegetables are close to being done.
  • Protein – Have some leftover shredded chicken lying around? How about a bag of frozen shrimp? Depending on what you have available, will determine when it needs to be added to the pot. Pre-cooked protein can be added in the last minute to heat it up. Raw or frozen protein needs to be treated like the ‘longer cook vegetables’.
  • Tofu – Soft tofu is a great option. Cut into small cubes and add in the last 2 minutes after you add the noodles.
  • Chili Oil – Open my fridge and you will find 4-5 different types of chili oils, ranging from Fly by Jing to the traditional Lao Gan Ma. For this miso ramen, I love using Momofuku Chili Crunch. It has a great garlic and shallot flavor without being too spicy.
  • Toppers -Along with the chili oil and togarashi, sesame seeds, sliced scallions, furikake, or even fresh cilantro are wonderful additions to sprinkle over the dish after serving.
miso instant ramen topped with a jammy egg


It’s instant ramen… does it even need instructions?

Heat Up The Broth – To a small pot over medium heat add the bone broth and miso paste. I like to do 1 -1 1/2 tbsp of miso per 2 1/2 cups of broth. Add or remove based on personal preference. If you are taking this beyond the simple ramen noodles check out the recommended cook time for add in options.

Add the Noodles – Throw out the instant ramen noodle seasoning packet and add the noodles to the pot. Cook until al dente (please do not over cook these) and remove from the stove.

miso instant ramen topped with a jammy egg


This is instant ramen, there is no storing or reheating.

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February 29, 2024

Miso Instant Ramen

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A quick and easy upgrade to the 50 cent instant ramen packet.
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Asian
Keyword Lemon Soup, Quick and Easy, Ramen, Single Serving
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 person


  • 1 instant ramen packet seasoning discarded, or a dried ramen noodles puck
  • 2 1/2 cups chicken bone broth
  • 1-2 tbsp miso paste white or yellow


  • Bring the 2 1/2 cups of bone broth and 1 tbsp of miso to a simmer. (add more miso or salt to taste)
  • Once at a simmer add the dried noodles and cook until al dente.
  • Dress this ramen with a jammy egg, protein, or vegetables. Check out the body of this post for options and cooking instructions.

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