I’m Eden

I am an ex-retail corporate professional, turned mom, food photographer, recipe developer, and content creator.

I am not classically trained, in fact I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for merchandising, nor am I a writer so I guarantee you will find a load of grammar mistakes in this blog. With that said, I know food.

Cooking is my love language.

My love of cooking did NOT start in my childhood kitchen.

If my mother was in the kitchen you stayed far far away.

Instead it was my 300 sq ft dorm room apartment where I really learned how to cook. With almost no money, and a stubbornness not to eat instant ramen every day, I would visit the sketchy supermarket around the corner, buy questionable groceries and just cook. While my friends were busy going to NYFW and gallery openings, I was hunched over my single counter, and small electric oven falling in love with flavor profiles and different ethnic cuisines. I’d love to say that some of my best dishes came out of that kitchen, but truth is I made some pretty questionable things. Although Tex Mex lasagna will still hold a very special place in my heart.

Years later I go to more reputable markets and cook in a much larger and nicer kitchen. However, one thing remains the same, I cook with BOLD flavors, hence the name The Bold Appetite. The recipes you find here have been inspired by my experiences traveling, dining out, my childhood, and random 3am thoughts. These recipes are heavily influenced and inspired by different ethnic cuisines (again, influenced not authentic). I truly believe food is what brings us together, and opens the door to understanding other people’s cultures.

The Bold Appetite is your destination to find exciting and approachable recipes that you will want to make again the second you are finished eating it.

Whether you are looking for quick and easy, or a recipe you would only make on Sunday, I got you.

If you are looking for in your face flavor, you have come to the right place.

However, if you need a drool worthy baked good, hate
to tell you, this girl can’t bake.

Hope you enjoy, and make these
recipes again and again.