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About TBA

Hi, I am Eden.

I am a retail corporate professional, turned new mom, food photographer, recipe developer. I am not classically trained, in fact I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for merchandising, nor am I a writer so I guarantee you will find a load of grammar mistakes in this blog. That said, I know food.

It’s safe to say my world revolves around food.

My love of cooking did NOT start in my childhood kitchen watching my mother… in fact when dinner was being made you stayed out of the kitchen. Instead it was my 300 sq ft dorm room apartment where I really learned how to cook. With almost no money, and a stubbornness to eat instant ramen every day, I would visit the sketchy supermarket around the corner, buy questionable produce and protein and just cook. While my peers were busy going to NYFW and gallery openings, I was hunched over my single counter and small electric oven falling in love with flavor profiles and different ethnic cuisines I didn’t even come close to eating as a kid. I’d love to say that some of my best dishes came out of that kitchen, but truth is they did not. Although Mexican lasagna will still hold a very special place in my heart.

Years later I am going to more reputable markets and cooking in a much larger kitchen (which is currently under construction). However one thing remains the same, I cook with BOLD flavors, hence the name The Bold Appetite. This isn’t the blog for super healthy vegan dishes or 30 minute meals, although that may happen from time to time. Instead what you will find here are bold dishes that you won’t only want to eat, but want to cook.