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This soup is a perfect marriage of flavors and textures, from the hearty chicken thighs to the salty crispy tortilla chips on top.

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    Brothy Beans and Greens

    Absolute comfort in a bowl. With a Parmesan and garlic infused broth, leafy greens and hearty beans this dish is the pinnacle of comfort food. Lovely doesn’t even begin to describe these brothy beans and greens. This dish takes humble ingredients, and with a little time, creates a delicious, and dare I say, even magical
    It’s Sunday! Let’s Make it!
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    Weeknight Dinners

    Mediterranean Shrimp and Feta Bake

    Hurry, grab the crusty bread… you are going to need it. I cannot express just how quickly this Mediterranean shrimp dish will disappear. Featuring bursting tomatoes, charred onions, spicy Calabrian peppers, and creamy melty feta, simmered in a garlic white wine and olive oil sauce. Think slightly spicy shrimp scampi meets creamy feta, meets sweet
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